2018 Regulations of Interest

12-12-18:  Regulations issued by Justice Center, DOH and OMH

11-21-18: Proposed Rule Making issued by OMH related to Establishment of Standards for Providers Who Wish to Become Licensed Children’s Mental Health Rehabilitation Service (CMHRS) Providers.

10-17-18: Revised Rule Makings issued by OASAS regarding problem gambling and professional credentialing, and an Emergency Rule Making by Commission on Corrections on age criteria for admission to adult lockup.

9-26-18:  Notice of Adoption issued by the State Commission of Correction regarding Specialized Secure Juvenile Detention Facilities for Older Youth (SSDs).

7-11-18: Notice of Adoption issued by NYS DOH related to Hospital Policies and Procedures for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders.

6-27-18: Notice of Adoption issued by the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services related to Authorization for Physicians to Use Controlled Substances for Treatment of Chemical Dependence by repealing an obsolete regulation.

6-27-18: Emergency/Proposed Rule Making issued by the Department of Financial Services (DFS) related to Charges for Professional Health Services.  In particular, this rule would delay the effective date of Workers’ Compensation fee schedule increases for no-fault reimbursement, until 18 months after the effective date of the increases established by the Chair, unless the Superintendent of DFS determines it would be int he best interest of consumers.

6-20-18: Proposed Rule Making issued by NYSDOH related to Inpatient Psychiatric Services and in particular, enhancing reimbursement mechanisms for inpatient psychiatric services.

3-21-18:  Proposed Rule Making issued by OASAS related to Problem Gambling Treatment and Recovery Services.

3-21-18:  Emergency Rule making issued by NYSDOH related to Medical Use of Marihuana. This regulation would allow certain facilities including Art. 31 and 32 clinics and other facilities established pursuant to mental hygiene law to become a designated caregiver for a certified patient in NYS’ Medical Marihuana program.

2-7-18: Proposed Rulemaking issued by the Education Department related to Mental Health Education.

1-24-18: Regulations Issued by DOH and OASAS

  • Emergency Rule Making issued by NYSDOH related to Medical Use of Marihuana.  The regulation would allow facilities which serve patients certified for medical marihuana use (hospitals, residential health care facilities, adult care facilities, community mental health residences, mental hygiene facilities, residential facilities for those with developmental disabilities or for children/youth, private/public schools) to become designated caregivers for such patients, at their option.  If registered as such, the facilities could possess, acquire, deliver, transfer, transport and/or administer medical marihuana, on the patient’s behalf.

1-3-18: Notice of Adoption issued today by NYSDOH related to Children’s Behavioral Health and Health Services.