Board Listing

John Kastan
Chief Program Officer
The Jewish Board
(New York City)

Vice President
Chris Wilkins, Sr. 
Loyola Recovery Foundation
(Finger Lakes)



Pam Mattel
Chief Operating Officer
Acacia Network
(New York City)

*Immediate Past President
Howard Hitzel
BestSelf Behavioral Health, Inc.
(Western NY)

Regional Representatives to the Board
Denise Arzola
Senior Vice President
Bailey House
(New York City)

Barbara Faron
Chief Executive Officer
Federation of Organizations
(Long Island)

Regional Representatives (Cont.):
Carl Hatch-Feir
President and CEO
Delphi Drug and Alcohol Services
(Finger Lakes)

Elizabeth Mauro
Executive Director
Endeavor Health Services
(Western NY)

Kathy Pandekakes
Chief Executive Officer
Human Development Services of Westchester
(Hudson Region)

Jeff Steigman
Chief Administrative Officer
Family Service League of Long Island
(Long Island)

John Warren
Executive Director
Central New York Services, Inc.
(Central Region) 

Representatives serving on our board as a result of their Committee Leadership positions include Karen Shaughness (Brookhaven Medical Center), Robert Anderson (Alleghany County), and Bruce Nisbet (SPECTRUM Human Services).