2016 Annual Conference and Business Meeting






 Together towards Tomorrow
2016 Annual Conference and Business Meeting
December 6-7, 2016

On December 6-7, the NYS Council held its Annual Conference and Business Meeting at the NY Academy of Medicine in New York City.  The program received rave reviews from members in regard to the content and presenters who shared information that was exactly on the mark with what the membership is facing.


Below is a brief recap of the meeting events.  Copies of the slides from the Conference are available on the NYS Council Web Site under Archived Events.


Conference Recap
The meeting opened with a session by Joshua Rubin of Health Management Associates on Value Based Payments (VBPs).  His presentation focused on four areas: 1) President-Elect Trump and the impact on VBPs, 2) funding related to VBPs, 3) service package, and 4) options for providers.  The session also addressed many questions and concerns that members continue to have.


Gerald Archibald of The Bonadio Group offered a strategic decisions learning session for attendees that described a menu of options that providers are faced with.  He presented information on what is happening overall, how to proceed, and specific action steps to take to successfully move forward.


Vital Healthcare Capital, a social impact fund, had a discussion with members about their interest in working with behavioral healthcare providers.  The organization is focused on supporting opportunities to bring catalytic capital to mission-aligned organizations and providers.


The second day began with a contracting consultation session with Adam Falcone, Esq. of Feldesman, Leifer, Tucker, Fidell, LLP.  In this session he provided detailed information to attendees about the rules of the road, how to recognize and address problematic provisions in contracts, and negotiation tips and tricks such as using the PEN method – prepare, evaluate, and negotiate.  He also offered an opportunity for discussion and questions.


At the NYS Council Annual Business Meeting, attendees were briefed on the legislative and budget priorities of the Association for the 2017-18 session as well as the legislative outlook for the State.  There was also discussion about the current makeup of the membership, new funding opportunities for the Association such as the NYS Practice Transformation Network (NYSPTN), and the overall financial status of the Association.


The Conference concluded with an update by Emil Slane of OMH about various funding programs such as uncompensated care and behavioral health outpatient clinic vital access provider funding.  He discussed the implications for future viability given the upper payment limit rules and federal denials of program funding and how OMH is working to address these issues.