Bills Tracked During 2015 Legislative Session

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The following bills from the 2015 Legislative Session have been acted on by the Governor.

A836: Gunther (MS) (signed into law December 11)
Relates to training for staff in residential mental health treatment units programs inside correctional facilities

A1327A: Cahill  (signed into law October 26)
Provides for the expedited utilization review of court ordered mental health and/or substance use disorder services

A3563C: Lavine (MS) (signed into law October 26)
Exempts certain persons who administer and score objective psychological tests from provisions of law relating to the practice of the profession of psychology

A4140: Gottfried (signed into law October 26)
Relates to the scope of practice of nurse practitioners

A6062: Gunther (signed into law October 26)
Directs the department of health to oversee a program for the safe disposal of unused controlled substances in accordance with federal law and regulations

A6529: Gunther (signed into law October 26)
Relates to examination of persons ordered to obtain assisted outpatient treatment in counties with a population of less than eighty thousand

A7641: Brennan (signed into law October 26)
Relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to prohibiting employees of a not-for-profit corporation from serving as chair of the board

A2143 O’Donnell (signed into law September 25)
Relates to clinical records and confidentiality.

A6255, Rosenthal, Same as S 4239 MURPHY (signed into law September 25)
Prohibits removal from the judicial diversion program of defendants with opioid addictions, on the basis of participation prescribed drug treatment under the care of a physician.

A7208, Gottfried, Same as S 4893 HANNON (vetoed August 13)
Relates to coverage of certain prescription drugs including antipsychotic, anti-depressant,
anti-retroviral, anti-rejection, seizure and immunologic class drugs by Medicaid managed care providers; makes prescriber’s determination final.

A4274, McDonald, Same as S2486 HANNON (signed into law March 13)
Delays until March 27, 2016, the requirement that prescribers use electronic prescriptions.


The NYS Council tracked the following bills throughout the 2015 Legislative Session: 

S121, Holyman, No Same As
Designates engaging in sexual orientation change efforts by mental health care professionals upon patients under 18 years of age

S129, Diaz, No Same As
Enacts the “behavioral health and long-term care act.”

A1275, Gunther (MS), No Same As
Enhances the assisted outpatient treatment program and eliminates the expiration and repeal of Kendra’s Law.

A1280, Lavine, No Same As
Requires police to report to division of criminal justice services, certain crimes and suicides committed by persons using psychotropic drugs.

A1293, Cymbrowitz, No Same As
Transfers the operation of the alcohol and drug rehabilitation program from the department of motor vehicles to the office of alcoholism and substance abuse services.

A1356, Cymbrowitz, No Same As
Relates to input from municipalities relating to the establishment or incorporation of facilities providing chemical dependence services.

A1394, Magee, No Same As
Directs the commissioners of mental health and developmental disabilities to foster enjoyment of recreational activities.

S1399, PARKER, No Same As
Requires the establishment of community housing waiting lists within the office of mental health service system.

A1459, Cusick (MS), No Same As
Provides a mental hygiene legal service to certain patients or residents of residential healthcare facilities.

S1488, PARKER, No Same As
Enacts the “minority mental health act” to establish the division of minority mental health within the office of mental health.

A1502, Zebrowski (MS), No Same As
Relates to imposing liability on insurers for failure to approve coverage for inpatient mental health treatment.

S1543, PARKER, No Same As
Creates the chemical dependence treatment bill of rights to be posted in a conspicuous place in all treatment facilities.

S1560, PARKER, No Same As
Relates to a public awareness educational program on heroin; appropriation.

A1593, Pretlow, No Same As
Permits licensed clinical social workers, creative arts therapists, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors and psychoanalysts to form a single corporate structure.

S1630, BOYLE, No Same As
Requires alcohol and substance use screening for all incoming college students.

A1632, Pretlow, No Same As
Relates to reports of substantial risk or threat of harm by mental health professionals.

A1771, Magnarelli (MS), No Same As
Provides for the enforcement of prompt settlement and payment of claims for health care services; and makes notice and documentation requirements of insurers.

A1800, Lentol, Same as S634 CARLUCCI
Relates to the creation of an acute psychiatric bed registry.

A1823, Gunther, Same as S 631 CARLUCCI
Establishes protocols for assisted outpatient treatment for substance abuse.

A1942, Pretlow, No Same As
Directs health maintenance organization which denies claim due to absence of medical necessity to advise insured as to alternative treatment.

A1961,Pretlow, No Same As
Relates to the N.Y. State Health Care Consumer and Provider Protection and Equity Act.

A2009, O’Donnell (MS), Same as S 536 GALLIVAN
Relates to holding inmates that suffer from mental illness for emergency purposes.

A3070, Titone, No Same As
Regulates the establishment and location of methadone treatment centers by prohibiting its establishment or continued operation within five hundred feet of an educational institution at the secondary level or below, day care center, park, church, synagogue or other place of worship unless located within a hospital.

A3108, Peoples-Stokes, Same as S1488, Parker
Enacts the “minority mental health act” to establish the division of minority mental health within the office of mental health to be responsible for assuring that mental health programs and services are culturally and linguistically appropriate to meet the needs of racial and ethnic minorities.

A3140, Titone, No Same As
Establishes the crime of criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near a methadone clinic.

A3191, Aubry (MS), No Same As
Establishes the presence of a controlled substance in a certain room is presumptive evidence of knowing possession thereof by each person present in such room.

A3252, Titus (MS), No Same As
Commissions a study regarding the quality of health care services received by foster children in New York state.

A3314, Aubry (MS), No Same As
Ensures that employees of the OMH who work in prison mental health units receive the same immunity from civil damages as other state employees who work in prisons.

A3380, Scarborough (MS), No Same As
Requires facilitating the use of alternatives to detention programs.

A3384, McDonald, Same as S636 Carlucci
Relates to suicide prevention; provides that the office of mental health and the education department shall identify or develop materials for educators regarding suicide prevention measures and signs of depression among school-aged students; related information shall be available on the Internet and may be included in schools.

A3412,Lentol (MS), No Same As
Provides for the review of criminal history information by authorized employers and for creation of commission on criminal history information.

S2206, Larkin, No Same As
Establishes a peer support program for veterans.

S2309, Libous, No Same As
Enacts the “freeze unsafe closures now act” to delay the closure and consolidation of state facilities operated by the office of mental health and the office for people with developmental disabilities.

A3534, Titus (MS), No Same As
Requires social services districts to establish a homeless housing task force for purposes of developing a ten year plan and guidelines.

S2405, Young, Same as A 2552-A Russell
Relates to telehealth delivery of services.

S2465, Ritchie, No Same As
Relates to fees for services rendered patients in state inpatient facilities pursuant to court orders to be paid by the county in which the court is located for the first thirty days.

A5024, Ortiz, No Same As
Creates the community opioid rehabilitation program services act and the opioid dependency services fund.

A5026, Lifton (MS), No Same As
Provides for health insurance coverage for family members of children who require psychiatric or psychological services.

A5129, Braunstein (MS), Same as S 1397 CARLUCCI
Shortens time frames during which an insurer has to determine whether a pre-authorization request is medically necessary.

A5172,O’Donnell (MS), Same as S 2473 GIANARIS
Establishes the state commission for the integrity of the criminal justice system and provides for its powers and duties.

A5219, Cusick (MS), No Same As
Includes post traumatic stress disorder among the biologically-based mental illness to be covered.

S3561, ESPAILLAT, No Same As
Requires the office of mental health to develop educational materials for educators regarding suicide prevention.

S3648, ORTT, No Same As
Establishes a community housing wait list.

A4325, Sepulveda, Same as S129 DIAZ
Enacts the “behavioral health and long-term care act.”

A4370, Cusick (MS),Same as S 616 BOYLE
Creates “Robin’s law”; relates to mental health and chemical dependence outpatient treatment of sex offenders.

A4402, Aubry (MS), No Same As
Relates to establishing a crisis intervention team program.

A4431, Ramos, No Same As
Directs the department of state to establish a statewide registry of mental hygiene and child supervision residential facilities.

A4536, Clark (MS), No Same As
Establishes definitions with respect to larceny from mentally disabled or mentally incapacitated persons.

S3211, YOUNG, No Same As
Provides for the emergency or involuntary admission of persons with mental illness when there is a risk of serious physical harm or serious psychiatric harm.

S3229, GOLDEN, Same as A828 Cymbrowitz
Provides for the reinvestment of funds into community-based services for persons suffering from chemical dependence and for establishment of fund.

S3230, GOLDEN, Same as A743 Cymbrowitz
Establishes the community chemical dependence services expansion program.

S3237, MARTINS, No Same As
Relates to substance use disorder and involuntary treatment services for minors.

A5931, Ortiz, Same as S 2042 HASSELL-THOMPSON
Increases access to substance abuse programming for prisoners whose first language is not English.

A6218, Rodriguez, No Same As
De-criminalizes the personal possession of marijuana; relates to certain pleas; specifies requirements with respect to bills affecting the penal law.

A6879, Blake, No Same As
Relates to requiring the Department of Homeless Services to notify the affected community board prior to locating transitional housing for the homeless.

A7024, Ortiz, Same as S557 PARKER
Relates to the discharge of residents of a community residence.

S4812, AMEDORE, Same as A5167 Gunther
Provides for physician ranking for opiate prescriptions on a county by county basis.

A7208, Gottfried, Same as S 4893 HANNON
Relates to coverage of certain prescription drugs by Medicaid managed care providers.

S4973, ORTT, No Same As
Relates to the release of patient records by the office of mental health.

S4995, FLANAGAN, No Same As
Provides for licensure of school psychologists.

S5029, HANNON, No Same As
Requires health plans providing coverage under the affordable care act to, upon request of a health care provider, provide information on an enrollee’s eligibility during the grace period.

S5068, FELDER, Same as A 4648 Clark
Provides that out-of-home placement of child with emotional, behavioral or mental disorder, or a disability shall not be grounds for transfer of custody.

A7457, Pretlow, Same as S 4749 AVELLA
Authorizes licensed clinical social workers to provide services to injured employees under workers’ compensation coverage.

A7501, Blake, No same as
Relates to people in the custody of the department of corrections and community supervision and a medical authorization form to disclose private medical information.

S5272, ORTT, Same as A 3860 Brennan
Establishes a right to treatment for seriously emotionally disturbed children who are certified and waiting to be placed in a residential placement facility.

S5309,MARCELLINO, No Same as
Relates to compensation of executives of certain not-for-profit corporations.

S5314,RANZENHOFER, Same as A 751 Rodriguez
Establishes the Medicaid identification and anti-fraud biometric technology pilot program.

S5662, HAMILTON, No Same As
Provides that no antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication which has an increased risk of suicidal behavior in individuals shall be dispensed without consultation and other information to outpatients.

S5664, HAMILTON, No Same As
Prohibits a mental health care professional from treating a violent patient in a residential building.

A7933, Thiele (MS), Same as S3989-A CROCI
Creates a sober living task force.

S5740, MARTINS, No Same as
Relates to correctional facilities solely for the confinement of individuals aged sixteen and seventeen years.

A7991, Cahill, Same as S 2795 PARKER
Creates office of insurance consumer advocate within department of financial services.

S5789, VALESKY, No Same as
Promotes the development, provision and accessibility of telehealth/telemedicine services.

A8314, Gunther, Same as S 5983 MURPHY
Requires the universal coding and electronic payment of medical assistance claims for mental health or substance abuse disorder services.

A8285, Morelle, Same as S 5987 ROBACH
Relates to claims for payment furnished by providers under the medical assistance program.

A8297, McDonald, Same as S 3237 MARTINS
Relates to substance use disorder and involuntary treatment services for minors.

A8570, Wozniak, No Same As
Relates to requiring forty-eight hour admittance at a hospital for persons treated for overdose of a controlled substance

A8575, Ra, No Same As
Relates to creating uniform baseline standards for drug testing persons on probation or parole

A8589, Richardson, Same as S 1894 PARKER
Establishes peer crisis diversion residences

A8601, McDonald (MS), No Same As
Provides that the initial prescription or dispensing of a controlled substance for acute pain shall be limited to a 3 – 10 day supply

A8407, Ortiz (MS), No Same As
Restricts the disclosure of health care information

A8419, Ortiz (MS), No Same As
Enacts the “behavioral health services for veterans act”

A8433, Ortiz (MS), Same as S2511, Parker
Creates mental illness and chemical dependence initiative

A8434, Ortiz (MS), No Same As
Establishes the medicaid outreach and enrollment program

A8440, Ortiz (MS), No Same As
Authorizes nurse practitioners to admit mentally ill patients

A8441, Gjonaj, Same as S 6040 KLEIN
Prohibits the sale and distribution of synthetic cannabinoids

A8448, Ortiz, No Same As
Relates to oversight of substance abuse services in state prisons by the commissioner of alcoholism and substance abuse services

A8467, Ortiz, No Same As
Requires standardized training curriculum for persons employed or volunteering at a mental health care provider certified or operated by the office for people with developmental disabilities

A8489, Ortiz, No Same As
Requires mental hygiene entities review fiscal management practices of service provider applicants

A8491, Ortiz, No Same As
Directs the commissioner of education to establish rules and regulations prohibiting school personnel from recommending psychotropic drugs for children

A8498, Ortiz, No Same As
Relates to limiting the work week of direct care workers

A8513, Ortiz (MS)
Provides that health maintenance organizations shall provide market access to diagnostic laboratories

S6248 ORTT, No Same As
Relates to emergency intervention for persons impaired by alcohol or other substances