2018-19 NYS Council Executive Budget Priorities

Our preliminary list of priorities for 2018-19 includes the items below; however, we are always poised to respond to changing conditions, opportunities, and concerns from our members.

Concern:  Access to and Continuity of Care

  • Social Work Licensing Exemption – Extend the Exemption
  • NP’s scope; LMHCs, LMFTs
  • Commercial Insurance & NA Definition – Survey results, Work with DFS
  • Uncompensated Care & Federal Threat – New Uncompensated Care Pool

Concern: Opioid / Heroin Crisis

  • Network Adequacy, Surveillance & Monitoring Standards
  • Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness for Workforce
  • Residential where needed
  • Treatment on Demand vs. Caps
  • Prevention Investments

Concern: MCO Timely & Fair Payment / Contracting:  Outcomes (to date)

  • Timely Payment
  • State Responsibility for Rate Change Notifications, Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Guidance to Field re:  Full & Timely of all government rates & prohibited language
  • Add BH to DOH MMC Audit Process
  • MCOs Badly Behind on Outcomes Reporting
  • SDH measurement and outcomes

Kids Transition

  • Concern: Access!!   (Waiting lists, hospital ERs)
  • Children’s System Should be Permitted Go Live w/ MMC and HCBS
  • Clarify VBP Implementation for Our Kids (BH, Foster Care, Complex Kids)
  • Funding for VBP Implementation & Transition to MMC
  • Utilization Caps removed & Medical Necessity Criteria language codified

Regulatory Reform

  • Regulatory Flexibility / Waivers for PCBC Integration
  • Telehealth Regulations Flexibility
  • SED Scope Flexibility
  • Buprenorphine Caps