Legislative Bills of Interest

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2017 Legislative Session

The following Bills of Interest have been acted upon by the Governor:

A7569 Weprin, Same as S 5430 GALLIVANsigned into law August 21, 2017
Relates to certain inmates held in secure mental health facilities.

A7604 Gunther, Same as S 6154 ORTTsigned into law August 21, 2017
Relates to involuntary care and treatment and to whom an application for such admission is made.

S1210C ORTT, Same as A 6216-B Gunthersigned into law August 21, 2017
Creates the mental illness anti-stigma license plate and the mental illness anti-stigma fund.

S2933A GALLIVAN,Same as A 7567 Gunthersigned into law August 21, 2017
Adds adult siblings to those who may have access to clinical records.


Bills of Interest:

S159 RIVERA, No Same As
Provides that freestanding diagnostic and treatment centers receiving comprehensive family planning reproductive health services grants, shall be eligible for state aid for indigent care.

S168 RIVERA, No Same As
Establishes requirements for the informed consent to the provision of medical procedures by the patient or his or her legally authorized representative.

S180 MARCHIONE, No Same As
Establishes the class B felony of criminal sale of a controlled substance upon the grounds of a drug or alcohol treatment center.

S602 BOYLE, No Same As
Creates “Robin’s law”; relates to mental health and chemical dependence outpatient treatment of sex offenders.

S687 KENNEDY, No Same As
Relates to requiring disclosure of addiction risks for certain prescription drugs.

S690 ORTT, No Same As
Relates to the release of patient records by the office of mental health.

S692 ORTT, No Same As
Provides for licensure of school psychologists.

S694 ORTT, No Same As  (NYS Council Priority)
Removes the requirement that federal participation must be provided for free-standing mental health clinics to be paid state funding owed to them for uncompensated care rendered.

S877 ORTT, Same as A23 Cahill  (NYS Council Priority)
Prohibits providers of health care coverage from requiring behavioral health providers to provide all products offered by the health care plan.

S984 MARCELLINO, Same as A362 Nolan
Provides that all schools shall ensure that their health education programs recognize the multiple dimensions of health by including mental health and the relation of physical and mental health.

S1054 CARLUCCI, No Same As
Creates the offense of reckless infection of a patient with a communicable disease by a health care provider.

S1076 CARLUCCI, No Same As
Relates to ensuring the rights of an individual with a disability or a vulnerable adult during investigations conducted by the justice center.

S1113 AKSHAR, Same as A733 Gunther
Requires legislative approval for the closure of certain office of mental health, office of people with developmental disabilities or office of children and family services facilities and institutions.

S1154 ORTT, No Same As
Relates to payment by the state of certain costs associated with the psychiatric examination of defendants to determine mental fitness.

S1156 ORTT, No Same As
Relates to establishing the mental health and substance abuse parity report act.

S1210 ORTT, No Same As
Creates the mental health matters license plate and the mental illness anti-stigma fund.

A1588 Cusick, No Same As
Relates to the amount of time a person incapacitated by alcohol and/or substances may be retained without giving consent.

A1596 Pretlow, No Same As
Relates to the rights of former outpatients of mental health facilities to have files sealed after ten years.

A524 Gunther,Same as S 710 CARLUCCI
Establishes protocols for assisted outpatient treatment for substance abuse; provides criteria for assisted outpatient treatment for substance abuse; provides for service, right to counsel, hearings, appeals and applications for additional periods of treatment; makes related changes.

A545 Gunther, No Same As
Requires the office of mental health to establish a training program for the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

A562 Abinanti, No Same As
Creates the “protection of adults with mental disabilities act.”

A604 Gunther (MS), Same as S 516 YOUNG
Enhances the assisted outpatient treatment program and eliminates the expiration and repeal of Kendra’s Law.

A612 Rosenthal (MS), Same as S 910 CROCI
Establishes the sober living task force which shall create best practice guidelines for sober living residences that illustrate the most appropriate and effective environment for persons recovering from a chemical dependency.

A664 Rodriguez, No Same As
Authorizes organizations to employ licensed social workers and licensed mental health professionals.

A833 Gunther, Same as S 283 MURPHY
Requires the universal coding and electronic payment of medical assistance claims for mental health or substance abuse disorder services.

A843 Gunther (MS), No Same As
Includes individuals with a mental defect as a victim under sexual abuse in the first degree.

S1481 ORTT, No Same As
Relates to the powers and duties of the advisory council of the justice center for the protection of people with special needs.

S1492 AVELLA, No Same As
Authorizes licensed clinical social workers to provide services to injured employees under workers’ compensation coverage.

S2147 ALCANTARA, No Same As
Regulates the establishment and location of methadone treatment centers.

S2220 PARKER, No Same As
Establishes the child psychiatry access project within the office of mental health; establishes a gift for such purpose on personal income tax forms.

S2269 PARKER, No Same As
Includes post traumatic stress disorder in the definition of biologically based mental illness for purposes of Timothy’s law.

S2346 PARKER, No Same As
Requires the development of guidelines to help avert re-traumatization of victims of sexual offenses in a behavioral health outpatient setting.

S2351 PARKER, No Same As
Relates to a public awareness educational program on heroin; appropriation.

S.1156 Ortt, No Same As
Requires insurers and health plans to submit data and metrics to the Departments of Financial Services and Health on compliance with federal and state mental health and substance use parity laws. Data will be used to prepare an Annual Parity Report.

A1982 Paulin (MS), Same as S3295 Hannon
Provides restroom access to persons with certain medical conditions.

A3135 Gunther, No Same As
Relates to the right to counsel for persons who receive services through the office of mental health or the office for people with developmental disabilities for certain investigations.

A4876 Lentol, Same as S4157 MONTGOMERY
Relates to raising the age for prosecution of certain crimes.

S3550 HAMILTON, Same as A 4004 Crespo
Relates to mandatory continuing education for teachers relating to mental health issues.

A3254 Ortiz, Same as S 1912 RITCHIE
Provides for fees for services rendered patients in state inpatient facilities pursuant to court orders to be paid by the county in which the court is located for the first thirty days.

A6353A Weprin, Same as S 5494 GALLIVAN
Requires that an inmate who has appeared before the board of parole prior to having completed any program required by the department of corrections and community supervision, and has been denied release, shall be immediately placed into the required program.

A6736 Lupardo, No Same As
Requires the state office for the aging to report on older adults who are primary caregivers or guardians of minors and on substance use disorders among older adults.

A7006 Gottfried (MS), No Same As
Includes post-traumatic stress disorder as a condition permitting the use of medical marihuana.

S283 MURPHY, Same as A 833 Gunther
Requires the universal coding and electronic payment of medical assistance claims for mental health or substance abuse disorder services.

S725 ORTT, Same as A 3751 Magnarelli
Establishes a right to treatment for seriously emotionally disturbed children who are certified by the pre-admission certification committee and waiting to be placed in a residential placement facility for children and youth; requires commissioner to evaluate what services are needed and how to provide them.

S1000 BONACIC, Same as A 825 Gunther
Requires investigation of all reports of child abuse made to the statewide central register of child abuse by hospitals, or medical or law enforcement personnel.

S2942 HAMILTON, No Same As
Provides that when there is an involuntary admittance to an in-patient facility, the person’s or the person’s designee’s choice of facility shall be respected as long as it is appropriate; provided, however, such choice shall be subject to the facility’s ability to provide the person’s necessary level of care and the availability of space.

S3422 PARKER, Same as A 3465 Ortiz
Relates to the discharge of residents of a community residence.

S4009 GOLDEN, Same as A 3095 Cymbrowitz
Provides for the reinvestment of funds into community-based services for persons suffering from chemical dependence and for establishment of fund.

S4593 ORTT, No Same As
Relates to prohibiting admission of sex offenders to state operated psychiatric centers which share facilities with a children’s psychiatric center.

A7671 Rosenthal, Same as S 5675 HANNON
Requires health insurers to offer coverage of health care provided by out-of-network providers.

A7688 Gunther, No Same As
Extends the expiration of Kendra’s law from June 30, 2017 to June 30, 2022.

A7689 Rosenthal, No Same As
Prohibits deceptive acts and practices for substance abuse disorder treatment.

A8566 Cusick, Same as S 6815 LANZA
Relates to directing the commissioner to promulgate rules and regulations to reduce the diversion of addiction medications.






Previous Legislative Sessions

The following bills from the 2016 Legislative Session have been acted on by the Governor:

Step Therapy Bill SIGNED (December 31) – this legislation creates an appeals process that dramatically lessens the time that an individual has to wait to find out if a medication change is approved. It also provides greater discretion for Doctors.   While it does not end the practice of step therapy, it creates consumer protections to help ensure the most appropriate medication for an individual.

S6948A HANNON, Same as A 9476-A Gottfried VETOED (December 31) – relates to establishing a hospital supplemental reimbursement rate adjustment for enhanced safety net hospitals.

S7301/A10294 SIGNEDMedication Assisted Training Bill – requires persons providing substance abuse treatment or counseling to complete training in medication assisted treatment.

Mental Health Education Bill SIGNED -  this bill requires that when middle schools and high schools teach about health (which they are mandated to do), they will also have to teach about mental health.

A9335-B/S6779-B SIGNED – Change in Procedure When Issuing an Oral or Written Prescription – this bill eliminates the need to notify the New York State Department of Health by e-mail when issuing an oral or written prescription pursuant to certain exceptions to mandatory e-prescribing.

A9334/S6778 VETOED – Exempt Oral Prescriptions from Electronic Prescribing Mandate in Certain Facilities – this bill would have permanently exempted oral prescriptions issued to patients in nursing homes, general hospitals, psychiatric inpatient facilities licensed by the Office of Mental Health and facilities licensed by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities from the electronic prescribing mandate.

A9837/S7334 VETOED – Develop a Centralized Database for Prescriptions Issued in New York State – this bill would have required the Department of Health to develop a centralized database to warehouse electronic prescriptions in New York State.


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New York State Not-For-Profit Reform Signed Into Law
On December 19, 2013, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the “Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013” (the “Act”). The new law generally took effect on July 1, 2014.

Read more about the law here.