NYS Budget and Legislative News 1

Statement from Lauri Cole, Executive Director, NYS Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare regarding Governor Cuomo’s proposed Opioid Surcharge:

“The NYS Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare represents 100 community-based organizations that provide life saving care to our neighbors, friends and family members impacted by the Opioid/Heroin Epidemic.  We know first hand the destruction this epidemic has caused and the hearts that are broken as a result.  That’s why our organization supports the Administration’s proposal to impose an Opioid Surcharge on manufacturers of these drugs. It is heartening to know the Governor is working to identify alternative revenue sources to address this epidemic and we agree manufacturers should pay their fair share of the costs associated with this crisis.

We look forward to working closely with the Governor’s Office to ensure a significant portion of the proceeds from the surcharge are directed back to the individuals and communities badly in need of weapons to fight the epidemic.”