Licensure and Clinical Scope of Practice Issues

For years the behavioral health and human services fields have fought to protect our diverse and talented workforce against the unintended consequences of the licensure scope of practice statute by prolonging the sunset of exemptions. Community-based mental health and substance use programs and their services are once again at risk with the sunset of the exemption due later in 2018. We know that our agencies utilize licensed professional staff as permitted by scope and described by regulation, and that we have a unique advantage over other mental health care models in that we use multi-disciplinary teams to provide the best quality care available. Our programs utilize the talents of a broad range of qualified professionals with varying education levels and qualifications including Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Peer Recovery Coaches and others all working within their specified scopes. This diverse and effective workforce must be preserved, especially at a time when the need and demand for services has never been higher.


Below are materials developed and being utilized by a broad group of mental health, substance use disorder, and human services associations to advocate on the SW licensure exemption issue, with a focus on the preservation of our workforce. Please join us in this important advocacy by utilizing the most appropriate letter from the choices below, and sending in emails to your Assemblymember and Senator (you can find your representatives and their contact information at and respectively).


Thank you for your advocacy and stay tuned to this page for further resources.